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Siesta Key Mice Removal


Mice have been plaguing humans for about as long as humans have been around — they are nimble, voracious opportunistic feeders, and thanks to the ability to slip to the smallest of entryways, can quickly find refuge in your Siesta Key property without you even knowing it. Unfortunately, if you’re able to perceive mice in your home, then there are probably dozens more hidden within your property. If you aren’t sure if you have a current mice population, then look for these telltale signs:

  • Light gnaw marks. Newer gnaw marks will be lighter in color and darken as they age. If you found gnaw marks and they are lighter in color, then that is an indication of a recent infestation that is taking hold in your home. You will notice these gnaw marks on food packaging or along structures in your home.
  • Mice do not explore exposed areas, using dedicated “runways” and tracks instead. A commercially available black light can help expose smudge marks, urine stains, and footprints on suspected areas that are trafficked by mice. Place a thin layer of talcum powder or flour along these “runways.” If you have an active rodent infestation, then you will likely see trails in the powder after a few days.

When Should You Look for Professional Services?

Ideally, you should contact Sarasota Critter Control as soon as you find signs of mice. It’s important to note that mice are more than just an uninvited guest — they are carriers of diseases and are a health risk, especially for the elderly, young family members, and those with compromised immune systems. Exposure can lead to potential illnesses like the hantavirus, rodent-borne viral infectious diseases called lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and tularemia.

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