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Public Health Concerns of Home Invasive Critters

Hearing noises in the attic and wondering if you now have a wild animal in your house? It can be dangerous to remove wildlife on your own. Critter Control of Sarasota offers a full range of animal and wildlife removal services. When it is removed properly, you ensure not only the safety of the animal but yourself as well. We make sure you have a safer, healthier home.

Small animals often find their way into your home. Common places they like to inhabit include crawl spaces and basements, the roof, the garage, inside the walls, and under the shed or deck. The animals can range from raccoons, bats, and opossums to mice, rats, squirrels, and more.

Diseases Spread by Animals

There are many diseases you can catch if you come in contact with wild animals. Diseases passed to humans from animals are called zoonosis. A disease agent, or parasite, that can cause a zoonotic disease can be spread directly from wildlife through a bite or other contamination.

Examples of such diseases include the following:

  • Rabies: A contagious and fatal viral disease passed on from the animal through its saliva.
  • Tularemia: An infection characterized by ulcers at the site of infection, fevers, and weight loss.
  • Plague: A bacterial disease associated with fever, delirium, and lung infection.
  • Monkeypox: A viral disease related to smallpox and transmitted via fluid exchange by rodents.

Although it’s unlikely that you’ll ever contract a serious disease from a wild animal, extreme precaution should always be taken when encountering wildlife. Critter Control of Sarasota can safely remove the problem from your home and property, ensuring you and your family are kept free from disease or harm.

Services We Offer

Whether you have an opossum living in your garage, mice under the shed, or a colony of bats in your attic, our team of experts can safely and properly remove any wildlife on your property. We’ll stop the problem from reoccurring and take care of any damage caused by the animals. And if you have a funky odor in your home, we also offer dead animal removal.

Pest control is another service we offer. If you are finding ants in your bed, spiders dangling from the ceiling, or cockroaches under the sink, contact us and we’ll take care of the problem. Smaller pests can be just as dangerous as wild animals and are something best left for experts.

We are available 24/7 to help you whenever you need us. Next time you have a wildlife or pest emergency, don’t hesitate to call Critter Control of Sarasota today!