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Animal Damage Repair & Restoration Services

Wild animals can spread diseases and parasites. Prompt removal is absolutely necessary if you want you and your family (or employees at work) to stay healthy and safe. However, wildlife can also cause serious damage to your home, office, and belongings. In fact, if you have a wayward pest in your home, you stand a much greater chance of having your home damaged than having your health impacted.

Whether you need to fix rodent damage or you want to get rid of the birds destroying your chimney, we can completely repair any damage from animals. We don’t just have the tools and skills to remove animals, but we have everything necessary to put your home or office back in working order.

Any Problem You Face

Has your home been infested by rodents? Mice, squirrels, and rats can turn an otherwise beautiful home into a complete disaster. Rodents can and will chew through everything. They will get into your food, gnaw on your cables and wires, and even burrow through your walls. At Critter Control, we don’t just get rid of the rodents; we fix the damage as well.

Large animals such as raccoons, skunks, and armadillos can cause serious damage to your property. From knocking over your belongings and breaking windows to destroying chimneys and insulation, large animals truly are a force to be reckoned with. But no matter how much damage they cause, we can put your home back in order.

Preventing Future Problems

Once we have removed any pests from your home or office and then repaired any damage the pests might have caused, we will make sure the problem never happens again. In order to make certain you never face another infestation or wayward animal, we can implement prevention techniques to keep you safe.

As for insects and other pests, we will completely eradicate them (and their eggs). Complete extermination is one of the best ways to ensure insects and arachnids don’t return. But we don’t stop there. We will also assess your property and find ways to make another infestation all but impossible. And for the larger animals, we will help you understand why certain animals are drawn to homes or offices and give you tips and tools to make sure they never return.