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Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Sharing your home with a hoard of cockroaches isn’t just uncomfortable, it can also be embarrassing. But the truth is even if you try getting rid of cockroaches by keeping food put away and cleaning your house daily, you’re still at risk. Regardless of how clean your living environment is, roaches are drawn to houses and once they’ve set up camp, it can be tough to get rid of them.

How Do They Get Into the House?

Cockroaches are very skilled at squeezing in through small, tight spaces and they can get in via gaps in the door, a cracked window, or other openings throughout the house. They’re drawn to dark, moist areas where there’s easy access to food. Unfortunately, even careful removal of food doesn’t help the problem because they’ve been known to survive under extreme conditions. Cockroaches can survive for months without food or water.

Notoriously nocturnal, these insects like to wander around your home at night scrounging for food and water. Seeing as they scatter as soon as the light comes on, this can make it difficult to battle them on your own.

How an Infestation Affects You

Cockroach waste such as shedding, droppings, and saliva produces proteins that can cause allergic reactions. For instance, a cockroach allergy can cause rashes when these creepy crawlers come in contact with skin. Cockroach proteins, or allergens, can also trigger asthma attacks, and the risk is higher with big infestations. Cockroaches also transmit and spread bacteria. As they move around, the spines on their legs pick up germs from numerous surfaces and then spread them all over the house.

Contact the Professionals for Help

While a DIY cockroach trap may seem to help the problem, it’s only temporary. Where there’s one, there’s guaranteed to be more and that includes their eggs that are ready to hatch. To completely eradicate the problem and help protect against future infestations, you need industry experts to take care of it with effective cockroach control. At Critter Control of Sarasota, we offer service 24/7 so you can get an infestation problem fixed as soon as it’s discovered. Call us today!