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Animal Droppings Cleanup

Animal Droppings Cleanup

Are you finding traces of animal droppings around your home? If wildlife have taken up residence on your property, we can help. Critter Control of Sarasota offers unwanted animal removal and animal feces cleanup for both residential and commercial properties.

Dangers Posed by Animal Droppings

Animal droppings can be found in several places in and around the home. Mice and rats love to head to the kitchen in search of food—pantries are a common place to find droppings. Raccoons and field mice often take up residence in cozy corners of your garage or under the shelves, and squirrels and bats will make an absolute mess in your attic if they find their way in. If not taken care of, animal droppings could lead to serious health hazards. Raccoon droppings commonly carry parasites, like roundworm, and rodent droppings are known to carry the deadly Hantavirus. Our professional crew can safely remove any critters and expertly clean up any mess left behind. We’ll help keep you and your family safe from potential health hazards. If you’re finding animal droppings in your home, give Critter Control of Sarasota a call.