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Pest Control Services

A cockroach skitters across the kitchen floor, a mouse makes a nest in the attic, a swarm of bees build a hive outside the front door… when Mother Nature begins to invade your home, it can create a world of problems for you. Fortunately, Critter Control of Sarasota can stop the problem in its tracks before the risk escalates and becomes more dangerous.

Natural and Effective

At Critter Control, we believe natural pest control is the best approach. With this in mind, we developed a treatment that has two effective factors: eco-friendly treatment and preventive measures.

Why You Shouldn’t DIY

With so many resources available, homeowners sometimes feel they can take care of the problem themselves. While it’s always a good idea to take preventive measures on your own to protect your house, pest removal and treatment is a different situation. Because of the high risks that come with pest infestations, it’s important to contact us once your property has been infiltrated by unwelcome guests. As leading experts in the pest control field, we know exactly how to handle each case with the right treatments, methods, and caution. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and pest control is no exception.

The Critter Control Treatment

Once you call, one of our specialists will inspect your home and assess the infestation level. To avoid missing anything, each specialist will thoroughly look in every entrance, storage area, and nook and cranny for infestation. Once the assessment is completed, they’ll sit down with you and discuss the different treatment options with you and develop one best suited for your situation.

Our innovative treatments have been specifically designed to achieve two things:

    • Effectively eliminate the pest threat
    • Keep your home safe from harmful chemicals with an Eco-Wise product

Keeping our products green and environmentally friendly is a high priority at Critter Control. The last thing we want is to use anything that would damage your property or harm anyone living in the home.

Keep Them Out for Good!

A big part of pest control is learning how to prevent future infestations. Our specialist will teach you how to assess problem areas and offer preventative treatment options to keep your home safe and secure. To help lower your infestation risk in the meantime, remember to seal any cracks or entry holes, not leave food out, and keep the area clean.

Contact Critter Control of Sarasota today and take advantage of our effective, natural pest control and excellent customer service.