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Since 1983

Our Wildlife Removal & Repair Service Guarantee

At Critter Control of Sarasota, we specialize wildlife control services, keeping you safe, and protecting your home. An animal or pest invasion is usually not something you plan for, but might run into at some point in your homeownership. Critter Control is a trusted name for wildlife services because we offer 25 years of specialty experience, coupled with highly trained staff to handle every wildlife issue.

We understand that once we’ve gotten rid of an animal, you don’t want to see or hear them again. We will use our specialized tools and knowledge to eliminate vulnerable spots of entry at your home and secure the property once and for all. Our repairs and services are guaranteed for one full year. If the critter gains access through any of our repairs to your workplace or home during the calendar year following our service, you can call us and we will return again to fix the issue free of charge.

Annually, to give you peace of mind, we will come back and re-inspect your home. We do a full inspection, check for damage, and possible vulnerable areas. If everything looks good and secure, we may be able to offer you another guaranteed year for a small fee. Details on this offer are available at the time of your animal control service.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a wildlife removal service or if you have questions about our service guarantee. We are always striving to improve our client experience and would appreciate any feedback you have.