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Opossums are fairly easy to identify. They fall somewhere between a large house cat and a raccoon in size. They are usually gray colored with bright white faces and black ears. Perhaps their most identifiable traits are their bright pink noses and long, rat-like tails.

Opossums are more likely to live alone and stay in one place for as long as food and water are available. They do not put much effort into creating their own burrows or habitats. You might think this makes them easy to spot and get rid of. In reality, just the opposite is true. They make their homes in dark areas both above and below ground. Any hole, opening, or gap is fair game for them. From old pianos to storage boxes, they are opportunistic and can be found both outside and in.

Dangerous Animals

Opossums are dangerous animals. While not as large as raccoons, they are incredibly aggressive. They will usually hiss or growl if threatened. If you hear any strange hissing from something in your home or office, back away and give us a call. We will handle any opossum removal you need, doing so safely and quickly.

Playing Dead

Playing possum is a term that came from the behavior of most opossums. Opossums typically play dead when threatened. They will stiffen their bodies, bare their teeth, and release their anal glands. Don’t let this behavior fool you into thinking you can dispose of them yourself. In this state they are still incredibly dangerous and need to be handled with care. If you notice an opossum playing dead, give us a call immediately. They can stay in their fake-dead state for up to four hours, but that is not always the case. If you want to remove the animal with as little problem as possible, call us the moment you spot it playing dead (or if it’s awake).