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Dead Animal Odor

The gut-wrenching odor that arises from dead animals in your home isn’t just harmful to your nose. It is the sign of a much bigger problem; a rotting carcass. Dead animals in your home can lead to parasite infestation and diseases spread throughout your home. Worms, bacteria, maggots, parasites, and viruses all love to live within a rotting animal carcass, and without proper disposal, your home and family could be in danger.

Where is it Coming From?

Dead animals are found in anyplace they would go if they were still alive; most commonly being your attic, crawlspace, or in your walls. The rotting smell that permeates throughout your home will only get worse if not taken care of promptly, as the carcass will begin to bake in the sun or harbor infectious bacteria. Other places homeowners have been known to find dead animals include:

  • Pools
  • Burrowed under homes
  • Stuck in A/C vents
  • Chimneys
  • Under porches or verandas

Solve Your Animal Odor Problems

At Critter Control® Sarasota, we’re well versed when it comes to pungent animal odors. We know just how to locate the source of the stench and remove the animal carcass or carcasses without putting anyone in your house at risk. Our trained professionals will work with you rot come up with the most efficient way to remove the animal from your home as soon as possible. If you’re tired of living with that nauseating smell in your home, call us today to schedule your free consultation at 941-355-9511.