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Known for their round bodies and hard exterior, armadillos are easy to identify. Their armored bodies are like Sarasota - Armadillo natures tank, providing reinforced plates along their back and sides as a natural shielding to potential threats. Armadillos are simple creatures who enjoy digging and burrowing, and while it might be enjoyable for them, it may cause problems with your foundation and other areas of your property.

Know the Characteristics

You should always know how to spot an armadillo if one were to ever make its way onto your property to avoid any potential damage. Armadillos can be recognized by the tufts of hair poking out from their bellies, as well as their scaly tails. Armadillos have pointed, long snouts, and of course, armor plating.

Armadillos are traditionally harmless to humans, but they can still cause unintended damage to your home and property. They love to dig in search of bugs and vegetation, as well as to build their home. If an armadillo is living on your property, you’ll notice holes in your yard as well as feces, which they use to mark their territory.

Unfortunately, as they dig they can harm your grass and kill your garden. Any power lines that you have underground are at risk as well. When Armadillos burrow, they can weaken the ground below the surface and create sinkholes.

Expert Armadillo Removal

While they are fascinating creatures, armadillos can cause problems on your property. Because there is no good “bait” to trap armadillos, it is best to rely on the experts at Critter Control® of Sarasota. Our humane wildlife management solutions and decades of experience enable us to safely and efficiently remove armadillos from your property. If you believe you have an armadillo problem, contact the professionals today at 941-355-9511 for your free consultation.