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Save Money with Early Squirrel Removal


We all have a lot of expenses – rent, groceries, insurance, phone bills, and many more. The last thing anyone needs is another item on the list. Unfortunately, when a nuisance animal like a squirrel makes its way into your home, the results can be costly. Unless you get extremely lucky, you’ll have removal costs in addition to much bigger costs of damage repairs. In order to save the most money possible and minimize the damage the squirrels do to your home, contact Critter Control of Sarasota as soon as you become aware of the situation.

Squirrel Roommates are Costly

Though small in stature, the amount of havoc squirrels can wreak in your home is large. Mother squirrels will often seek shelter in your attic in the spring months to find a safe place to raise their young. This is not something you want to deal with – more squirrels means more chewing damage and more excrement ruining house materials.

Attic insulation makes the perfect nest for baby squirrels, so the mother will often rip it up and pile it together to make dens. This is problematic not only because it ruins the insulation, but also because it leaves portions of your attic exposed to squirrel urine and feces. If they have the run of your attic for too long, their pools of urine can soak into your ceiling and walls, which take time and money to repair. They also could ruin a large portion of the insulation, requiring you to completely replace it.

Save with Critter Control

Even though it might seem like hiring professionals to deal with your squirrel problem just adds to the cost, we can save you time, money, and frustration in the long run. We don’t just come in, trap the animal, and leave you to deal with the rest – if we did, we wouldn’t be the leading nuisance animal control service in the country. Our solutions are much more complete: we remove the animal, re-fortify your house against future invaders, clean the mess, and fix up any damage. When you find an unwanted animal in your home, call us immediately before the damage is severe at 941-355-9511.