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Snakes are a Sign of Rodents in Your House


Snakes in YardFor some reason, snakes are one of the most feared kinds of animals in the world. But, they rarely do any harm to humans. They don’t seek out and attack people, and they are naturally shy creatures. Despite this, people rarely welcome them in their yards. What many don’t realize is that a snake doesn’t linger around a particular yard for no reason – it means that it has found a food source. If you want the snake gone, you must first deal with the food source.

Snakes Indicate Rodents

One of a snake’s favorite snacks are rats and mice, so if there seem to be more snakes around your home than usual, it is highly likely you have a decent rodent population living in or around your house. It is extremely uncommon for their to be a snake infestation without their also being a rodent infestation. Snakes don’t want to be in your house, and would prefer to remain as far away from you as possible, but they can’t pass up the opportunity for several good meals.

Rodent Removal

Unless the snakes have made it inside your home, in all likelihood you won’t need to do anything to them directly to get them to leave your yard. What you need to worry about are all the rats or mice living inside your home. While you may think getting rid of rodents is easy and all you have to do is set up traps, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Trapping isn’t as easy as it seems. Rodents are crafty creatures, so you need to place traps strategically in order to be successful. Many a homeowner has set out a few traps, got quick results, and thought the problem was solved only to see a rat scurry across the attic just the next week.

Your best chance of fighting a rodent infestation is to call the animal removal specialists at Critter Control® of Sarasota. We’ve seen quite a few rat and mouse issues in our 30+ years of experience to know exactly how to deal with the problem efficiently and completely. If you want the nuisance animals out of your house and off of your property, we are your best bet. Get rid of your rodent infestation and watch the snakes disappear as a result. Contact us at 941-355-9511 today for a free consultation!