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What Animal is Making Noises in My Wall?


Often, homeowners hear strange sounds around their homes as if something were inside their walls. It is easy for animals to get into your home and live in it secretly, only given away by certain telltale signs. Once you come to understand how to recognize these signs you can better identify the invading animals within your home and seek proper removal.

Rats – A presence of rats is evident by your food packaging showing signs of tears from rats chewing to get inside. Small droppings in your cabinets and chewed on wiring around the house is indicative of rats. Listen for heavier quick running sounds as they make their way around inside your walls and attic.

Squirrels – If you hear quick scurrying, then you are most likely facing squirrel infestation. You might hear or even find your wood to be damaged as they gnaw on it to maintain their teeth. If squirrels are using your home for shelter, you could potentially find nuts hidden around for storage.

Raccoons – Due to their size, raccoons give themselves away by heavy plodding that can be heard. Raccoons shred up insulation for nesting so tearing sounds or even damaged insulation in the attic is a strong indicator of raccoons in your home.

Bats – When seeking refuge, bats tend to make their way into your walls as their nocturnal nature makes them seek darkness. Unfortunately, bats can become trapped and attempt to claw or bite their way out. Scrapping on the walls coming from the inside might mean that bats have made their way inside.

Seek Professional Removal

If you do find yourself dealing with such type of an infestation, it is crucial to avoid dealing with it yourself. These animals can become dangerous if provoked and carry diseases which can infect you or your family. Instead of taking severe risks, contact the professionals at Critter Control® of Sarasota to handle your animal removal needs. With over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and equipment effectively and humanely handle your animal problems. Contact us at 941-355-9511 for a fast quote today.