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The Reason Bats Come into Homes


There are many pieces of false information about bats in the popular imagination. They aren’t nasty rodents, they aren’t aggressive animals, they don’t attack people, and they don’t all have rabies. The truth is that people should regard bats as one of their favorite animals. They feast on flying insects like mosquitoes at night, and are capable of eating over 1,000 insects an hour! Bats are an invaluable part of our ecosystem, so when they get into your house, it is important to respect the laws around bat removal to ensure that they have the best chance of survival.

Attic Roosts

But why do they come in homes in the first place? Attics are simply perfect roosts for bats. People don’t frequently use their attics, so they have peace, quiet, and darkness up there. They use their sharp senses to detect cooler air coming out from cracks or holes in roofs or walls to find ways inside. Bats can’t actually bite their way into your house like rats or squirrels – they must use a pre-existing hole to get in.

Once bats are inside, you may not notice their presence for a long time. They are peaceful and quiet creatures, so the first time you detect them is likely to be if you physically see them roosting. But, you might also begin to smell their droppings, guano, which accumulate under their roosting area. This is the main problem bats cause: their guano is highly unsanitary and can damage the structure of the house significantly when it accumulates.

Bat Exclusion

Though bats aren’t as big an issue as other nuisance animals like raccoons, they are more of a pain to remove than any other home invader, in large part due to the state protections on the species. Bats are important to the ecosystem, and their populations are dwindling, so you can’t remove them if they’re roosting in your house during birthing seasons. Furthermore, it is illegal to use poison or kill the bats.

The best way to get bats out of your home is to call the bat exclusion experts at Critter Control of Sarasota. Our team understands the proper techniques involved in bat removal to effectively get the animals out of your house, without violating state regulations. We can also make sure all the guano gets cleaned up, and fix any damage the bats caused. Call us today for your free initial consultation at 941-355-9511.