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While bats can be scary to some people, especially when they find them roosting in their home, it is not a good idea to try to kill them. It is illegal to kill bats in the state of  Sarasota - Bat Florida willingly. It is also illegal to trap them, because it could inflict trauma on the bat. If you have bats in your home, do not risk harming these creatures and potentially bringing down the law on your head, but instead call bat removal experts at Critter Control®.

Why Killing Bats is Harmful

Bats are an incredibly important part of the ecosystem because they largely feed on mosquitoes, beetles and moths. This is incredibly important for Florida in particular, with how many insects live in this state. Without Bats, insect populations would get out of control, and nobody wants to see more mosquitos here. But, just because bats are so helpful in nature does not mean that they belong in your home. If you have bats living in your home, it is important to call Critter Control® of Sarasota to assist you with their removal.

Bat Removal

Because bats are protected by State law for the reasons listed above, performing a bat exclusion is the only humane, legal, and effective way of removing the animals from your home. This is a highly technical task and requires the use of specialized equipment. Exclusion nets/doors are necessary because they allow bats to go outside, but not back in. Also, the house needs to be thoroughly checked for access points, and then completely sealed, otherwise the bats will just come back. Finally, hazardous bat guano must be cleaned up, which is a dangerous task because bacterial spores can be released from its dust.

Trust a Professional

For all of these reasons, bat removal is a job for a professional. The experts at Critter Control® have years of experience and are the industry leaders in wildlife removal. Don’t risk violating the law or being infected by disease-spreading guano. Call 941-355-9511 today to solve your bat problem.