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Bats are not the most welcome of house guests and can be quite hard to get rid of due to the legal restrictions in the State of Florida. These nocturnal creatures thrive in your Batsattic as they are protected from the environment while they sleep, and have a variety of materials to make nests for their young.

Do I Have Bats?

If you have bats in the attic you may notice some of these signs:

  • Bats flying around your house at dusk or dawn
  • Quiet squeaking and rustling sounds coming from the attic
  • Dark oily stains near potential entry/exit points
  • Smell of their urine-similar to ammonia
  • Dry guano (droppings)

Why Hiring a Professional is Critical

Bats are critical to the Florida ecosystem. They consume unwanted insects and pests, which helps control the insect and mosquito population. Moreover, some plants are almost entirely supported by bats as they pollinate flowers and spread seeds. As a result, killing bats is illegal and removing them from your home is only permitted during certain times of the year. If you are not familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding bat removal, it’s critical you reach out to a professional for help getting them out of your attic.

Bats can also cause damage to your home as they build nests for their young. Bat urine and feces can contaminate your attic insulation and cause damage to some structural elements. If you hire Critter Control® to get rid of the animals, we will also repair any damage left behind and restore and replace damaged attic insulation.

Contact the Professionals

Bats are an important member of our local ecosystem. In order to keep both you and the bats safe, it’s important to call a professional for removal services. At Critter Control® of Sarasota, we are trained in safe and legal ways to get bats out of your attic. Call us today at 941-355-9511 to get your fast, free estimate.