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Mouse Removal

Even if they’re too cute to harm, letting mice remain in your home for an extended period of time is never a good idea. They can cause hundreds of dollars in damages, and put you and your family at risk for catching serious diseases.

Health Risks

You don’t have to come into contact or even see mice around your home to catch diseases from them. The most common way they spread their germs is by contaminating the air around them with their urine and feces. They can also track their urine throughout your home with their paws. Some of the diseases they carry and can transmit to humans and even pets include:

  • Leptospirosis
  • Hantavirus
  • Salmonellosis
  • Lymphocytic Chorio-Meningitis
  • Lassa fever
  • Plague
  • Tularemia
  • And more

Damage to Your Home

Health problems aren’t the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to mice in your home. Mice love to chew on rough things since their sharp teeth are always growing. Things like your insulation, wires, walls, wooden posts, and personal belongings are at risk for being ruined if mice live in your home. When your attic insulation is not doing its job, your house does not stay warm in the cooler months or cool in the warmer months, and will drive up your electric bills. Additionally, any frayed wires they may have chewed are a severe fire hazard.

The Professionals Can Help

The best way to get mice out of your home is to call the experts at Critter Control® Sarasota to remove them for you. Any untrained contact with wild mice could result in serious health problems and should be left to a professional. When our technicians come to your home, they won’t just remove the mice;  they’ll clean up after them, and will seal any entry points they made to prevent further infestation. For your free consultation, call us today at 941-355-9511.