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Rodent Trapping

When you notice rodents in and around your Sarasota home, you may feel tempted to trap them yourselves with all of the baits, rodent trap options and poisons you have at your disposal. Below are a few reasons why you should leave it to the experts at Critter Control® Sarasota.

Rodents Can Die in Your Walls

If you simply put rodent poison out instead of hiring a professional rodent trapper, you run the risk of mice, rats and other invasive rodents simply taking the poison back to their nest – in your walls.

Although they die there, they begin to produce a terrible odor in your home and you have to hire a professional to remove them. In addition, most rodents that inhabit the walls and foundations of your home, don’t actually enter the interior of the home, so every rodent trap you set out could simply be a waste of money unless you crawl into the attic and walls of your home.

Only an Expert Can Be As Thorough as Needed

While you may be able to exterminate some of the rodents that enter your home or damage your property, a professional can determine if there are more critters hiding in the depths of your home. Critter experts will scour your home for traces of existing rodents, and seal any entry points pests can use to enter your home to keep you from having another infestation.

Why Call Critter Control?

Our team of experts have the latest knowledge of equipment and techniques best used to trap rodents. We’ll look for the signs of rodents in your home — things like scratches on the woodwork, strange smells coming from the walls in certain rooms, and burrow holes on the property — and do a guaranteed thorough job of exterminating them.

Next time you hear scurrying in your attic or smell vermin in your home, contact Critter Control® of Sarasota at 941-355-9511 to hire a rodent trapper who can eliminate the problem and keep them out for good.