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Rodent Infestation

Rodent infestation can be a hazard, when mice, rats and other rodents build nests in the walls or attic of your home. Once they begin to procreate and die within your walls, extraction becomes difficult and costly. Here are some varieties of rodents that Critter Control® of Sarasota can help remove before they do significant damage.

Which Rodents are the Main Threats?

Despite the fact that you might have rodents as pets, a wild rodent infestation in your home is anything but friendly:

  • Small Rodents
    Mice, rats and tropical squirrels can easily breach weak spots in your home’s exterior and build nests just inches from where you sleep. Mice and rats often carry diseases and bacteria that will infect pets and humans when they come into contact or leaves feces in your home; most commonly rat bite fever and the salmonella bacteria, and sometimes even rabies.
  • Larger Rodents
    Across Florida in 2016, more and more reports fled in about capybara sightings on residents’ properties. While a relatively new phenomenon, these dog-sized rodents are predicted to be the next invasive rodent statewide, due to their ability to dig away the banks of hills and waterways, promoting corrosion on your property.

Why Hire Critter Control?

If you notice signs of rodents in your walls or attic, including scratching noises, a large number of burrow holes on the property or the small of urine, fecal matter or dead animals in your home, you can’t solve the problem on your own. Attempting to remove the pests will most likely result in an extended period of poison use around your home, leading to chemical and disease exposure to your loved ones, your pets and yourself.

Instead, contact Critter Control® of Sarasota at 941-355-9511. Our expert team will come out to your property, diagnose your rodent infestation, and fix it as quickly as possible. We offer a free home inspection to ensure you have an issue before charging, as well as warranties on our work.