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Raccoon Control

Raccoons are a common problem in the Sarasota area. They not only resemble classic cat burglars (sometimes known as masked bandits), but they spend their time breaking Raccoon Controlinto homes, barns, and garbage cans in search of food sources and shelter. Once a raccoon finds readily available access to a food source, it can be difficult to control.

Identifying Raccoons

Raccoons are one of the easiest household pests to identify because of their unique bandit masks and distinctive ringed tails. Raccoons normally weigh between 7 and 30 pounds. Their fur is often gray but can have splashes of black or brown. Raccoons’ paws resemble human hands, which makes it easy for them to break latches or turn doorknobs to access your home, barn, or shed. Their hands can also grasp the objects they like to steal, such as eggs.

Common Raccoon Problems

Most homeowners complain about raccoons getting into garbage bins and tearing up their trash. Like many other household pests, raccoons are foragers and will seek out human food, whether other items are available or not.

Raccoons also like to eat fish, so protect your property if you have a pond, lake, or similar water source. If you have a chicken coop or henhouse, ask a hardware expert about raccoon-resistant latches or knobs, and consider fencing the area as well.

If a raccoon gains access to your home and builds a nest for their young, their rummaging for food and searching for materials to build their nest may damage wiring, attic insulation, and other structural items. Moreover, as they make your house their home, their feces and urine can damage your attic insulation.

Raccoons are difficult to control due to their size and wit without prior experience and wildlife knowledge. At Critter Control® of Sarasota, we use quick and efficient raccoon control in and around your home to get rid of unwanted pests and keep them out. Our number one goal is to protect you and humanely remove the unwanted house guests. Contact us today at 941-355-9511 for a fast, free estimate.