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Raccoon Trapping

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Trapping any animal may seem like an easy task – just put out the trap with some bait and the pest will go in, right? If only trapping nuisance animals were this easy! And in Raccoon Trapping the case of raccoons, capturing these sly critters is a special challenge.

Considerations for Trapping

When our wildlife removal experts work to trap these unwanted critters, we evaluate:

Location – Is the raccoon outside messing up your yard and property, or has it made its way into your attic? This will help determine the trapping strategy.

Number of Raccoons – A mother raccoon who birthed young inside your home calls for much more attention to detail and care than would a solitary raccoon.

Trap Size – Since raccoons are the largest common nuisance mammal, they require large traps. Generally, the trap will need to be at least 32”x 12” for a raccoon to fit inside and engage the trap door.

Bait – Outdoor traps baited with meat can attract a variety of other animals, including a curious cat or small dog. Since raccoons are so crafty, a less careful animal is far more likely to be trapped. Each situation must be judged carefully to determine if bait should be used, and what kind.

Health of the animal – Traps must be checked often so that any animal inside does not suffer or die. As you can imagine, being stuck in the cage will put stress on an animal. So, it must not remain trapped for too long, especially if it is exposed to the elements.

Legal Regulations – Raccoon control must abide by Florida Fish and Wildlife regulations, which entail that the animal must be treated humanely. It is not legal to inflict harm on the trapped raccoon, nor is it legal to drive the animal to a nearby forest to release it.

Professional Services

Raccoon trapping is best left to professionals, for all the reasons listed above. There are so many variables that affect the success of raccoon trapping, and the inexperienced will only be frustrated by either catching the wrong animal or not catching anything at all. In addition, dealing with the animal improperly after it is caught can bring legal consequences.

As a fully licensed and certified animal control service, Critter Control® of Sarasota has years of experience with trapping and handling raccoons. We always use the most humane methods possible while still getting the job done. Contact us today to learn more about our services.