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Squirrel Trapping

Due to their small size and fantastic climbing abilities, squirrels face no difficult entering your home. While this might squirrel trappingbe beneficial for them as it provides them with a safe place of refuge, it puts you as the homeowner at risk. In the event of unwanted squirrel infestation, it is important to act as soon as possible to prevent escalation, and sometimes it may be necessary to trap these critters to release them later.

Know the Traps

Depending on the severity of your squirrel problem, different types of traps may be used. These traps include:

  • Single Animal Live Cage – This trap is a simple yet effective small box shaped cage with a pressure plate. Once it is activated by the squirrel walking in, it triggers the door to close and lock behind them.
  • Repeating Live Traps – Especially good for a large squirrel infestation, they can be placed over an entrance or exit which the squirrels frequently traffic. When trying to get through the opening, they find themselves in the trap as the door opens inward only, preventing them from escaping. These can be used for multiple squirrels at a time.
  • One-way Door Traps – A humane way of encouraging the squirrel or other animal to leave on its own, without allowing them to re-enter your home.

The Problem with Squirrels

Despite how adorable they may seem as they scurry up a tree clutching seeds for dear life, once inside your home, squirrels become a significant issue.  Your attic is a favorite spot for them and once inside they can deal out a considerable amount of property damage. Needing to maintain their incisors, squirrels will gnaw on wooden beams and electrical wiring. They also have a tendency to destroy your insulation for the sake of bedding.

Leave it to the professionals

Squirrels are protected in most states and therefore trapping should be left to licensed professionals. In the event of a squirrel problem in your home, don’t try to deal with it yourself, but instead leave it to the experts at Critter Control® of Sarasota. We have the tools and experience to handle your problem safely and humanly. Call us today at 941-355-9511 for your free consultation.