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Rat Control

From raccoons to squirrels, animals easily find ways into your home and without regard for damage or safety. Unfortunately, these invaders tend to be problematic when they get inside. One of the most common and worst offenders of these intruders is rats, and more often than not, rat control can be difficult. Typically making their way inside for refuge from the elements and predators or just to nest, rats will make themselves at home when inside yours.

Where to Find Them?

Rats will find a way to slip into your home. From there, they prefer to stay in someplace dark due to their nocturnal proclivities. The attic or in your walls are usually prime real estate for rats. They also will try to be near a food source so be protective of your pantry and look for ways they can get in and out.

What is the Harm?

Due to their tendency to carry disease, rats put your family at a health risk. Rats nesting in your attic will often leave droppings in your insulation which will require a full replacement to avoid disease spreading. A rat cornered and frightened will also resort to offensive tactics and may attack family members, and possibly infect them with diseases such as rat-bite fever, or leptospirosis.

Controlling the Problem

There are several ways to control rats in your home. Before a problem arises, you can take advantage of rodent proofing services that will seal up gaps that are used by rodents such as rats to intrude upon your home. Traps are also an option though less accurate.

  • Rat traps – Effective but run a dangerous risk of pinning down a live rat that may still harm you if approached.
  • Glue traps – Similar to rat traps, glue traps keep the animal in place until they suffocate in their struggling or starve to death. They get results though they can be unsettling and considered less humane.
  • Poison – Rat poison is a low effort way to kill rats in your However, it leaves you with the task of located and disposing of the bodies. If you are unable to find them, stench may become an issue.

While there are many options to choose from, it is best to hire a professional with the proper equipment and experience to eliminate rats from your home.

Rat Containment with Critter Control®

Critter Control® of Sarasota can help If you are experiencing a rat infestation or just want to prevent one from happening. We provide top of the line animal removal and handle every situation as humanely as possible. We offer sealing services to make your home safe from rodent entry as well as exterminator services. Call us at (941)-355-9511 for a fast estimate today.