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If ever there were a creature that looks more like a dinosaur than a mammal, it would be the armadillo. Their heavily armored shells distinguish them from all other Sarasota Armadillomammals and keep them defended against many natural predators. Nowadays, they can often be found in fertile, suburban areas in search of grubs and insects in rich loose soil. However, armadillos can destroy your property in their hunt for food and shelter, and need to be captured and taken to a different location.

Property Damage

Armadillos seek areas with soil good for digging because it allows them to build their burrow shelters and find food easily. This is bad for homeowners for several reasons:

  • Series of holes in the yard
  • Destroy flower/plant beds
  • Burrows can compromise structural integrity of sidewalks or foundations of home
  • Other dangerous animals like rattlesnakes often move into abandoned burrows

While they are not particularly aggressive and do not pose much danger to humans, armadillos can cause costly damage to your house and need to be removed.

Removal by Trapping

These creatures are naturally timid and elusive, and like to scurry away and hide from humans. This makes them difficult to catch and remove. In addition, they are not attracted by baits like other animals. So, the most popular method of getting rid of them is trapping and relocation. Because trapping the critters can be complicated, homeowners will often be frustrated if they attempt this on their own. But, the professionals at Critter Control® of Sarasota are here to ensure the capture and removal of all those pesky armadillos digging up your yard.

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