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Raccoon Extermination

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With the distinctive black coloring around their eyes and bushy black-ringed tails, raccoons are among the most easily recognizable animals. Though raccoons can be Racoon Exterminationfascinating and cute critters, they can cause a multitude of problems if they become accustomed to your house. Unlike opossums, raccoons won’t roam around too frequently if they find consistent food sources, which means you have to remove them manually to get rid of them.


The most common complaint about raccoons is that they will ransack garbage cans, leaving trash strewn all around the area. Unless the trash is secure in tight-lidded bins, they will continue to be attracted by the smell and come back wanting more easy nourishment.

They can also cause problems for other animals living on your property. Raccoons have been known to steal pet food and water left outdoors, and could attack cats or dogs if they feel threatened.

Since raccoons have impressive dexterity and cleverness, they can creatively find ways into houses. Their front paws function almost like primate hands and they can use them to open doors, unlock gates, and climb trees. Some have been known to make their way into attics by scaling a nearby tree and hopping onto the roof.

Florida Wildlife Regulations

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is the governing body which oversees the treatment of all wildlife, including nuisance animals like raccoons. According to Florida Rule 68A-0.010, any raccoons which are considered a nuisance must be dealt with humanely. Because raccoon extermination is highly regulated, effective raccoon control is more complicated than it is for some other critters.

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It takes experience to catch an intelligent creature like a raccoon, and we have years of it at Critter Control® of Sarasota. Per state regulations, racoons as nuisance animals must be controlled humanely. As fully licensed and certified pest control professionals, we know the ins and outs of Florida laws concerning nuisance wildlife and always operate humanely and by the book. Call us today with your raccoon extermination questions at 941-355-9511.