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Opossums are particularly bothersome pests because they are so opportunistic. They can cause a variety of problems around your home and can be difficult to drive away.Opossum Control Though they aren’t particularly aggressive or dangerous animals due to their size, they will still attack when threatened. If there are opossums causing issues in your area, don’t try to handle them yourselves, but call the professionals at Critter Control® of Sarasota.

Why Opossums Hang Around Your House

As opportunists, opossums will stick around any consistent source of food and shelter that they can find. Outdoor trash cans provide a plentiful buffet for opossums, and they notoriously love to knock them over and root through them for food. This often results in trash being strewn about the area, creating a huge mess and giving homeowners a headache over and over again.

Since they do not like to make their own burrows or nests, opossums love to shack up in attics or crawlspaces. They will go wherever they can find a dark, safe space, whether it is on the outside or inside of your home. You don’t want to share your home with these critters, since they can carry many diseases, can cause damage to your home, and smell terrible. If they aren’t removed, opossums are perfectly happy to live under your roof and eat your trash.

Prevention is Key

The best way to avoid a potential opossum issue is to eliminate all the things which attract them in the first place. You can prevent opossums from coming to your house in two simple steps: cut off their food source and seal your house. Make sure that there is no available food for them, like fruit from trees, exposed garbage bags, or outdoor pet food. Then, check your house to find any possible crevices or spaces which could shelter an opossum and seal them up.

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Critter Control® of Sarasota is here to help with any of your opossum control needs. We will trap and remove opossums quickly and humanely, as well as clean up any mess they’ve left behind. We can also ensure that they never come back inside your home, by sealing up any potential entry points. Call 941-355-9511 today to schedule a consultation!