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Trapping is an effective method for mice control. Because mice are among the most common house pests, there are a variety of traps on the market that will either capture or kill the rodents. However, these critters are quick to catch on once a trap catches or kills one of their family members, so it’s important to understand when, where, and how to place a trap. For expert help trapping mice, contact the experts at Critter Control ® of Sarasota today at 941-355-9511.

If you plan to attempt to trap the mice yourself, consider these options:

Non-Lethal Traps

If you don’t want to kill the mice, the best way to ensnare them is a multiple catch trap. This should be placed where mice frequently come and go along baseboards near their nest. Their curiosity is often aroused by the opening in the box, and once inside, they activate a spring-loaded door. This type of trap is ideal for large infestations, since it can hold up to 30 mice at a time.

Lethal Traps

If you are more interested in disposing of the mice as quickly as possible, consider a type of lethal trap like a snap trap or electric trap. Snap traps are the mouse traps of popular imagination. The spring-loaded metal bar gets activated by the mouse when it takes the bait and comes crashing down on it. These can be dangerous if you have pets or small children who could find the trap.

Electric traps are perhaps a more humane method, since they release an electric shock when activated, swiftly killing the mouse. Some of the larger ones can hold several mice like the multiple catch traps.

Professional Mice Control

A homeowner may be able to handle a mouse or two, but an infestation is a different matter. These must be dealt with quickly to avoid further population growth and potential problems. Fortunately, Critter Control® of Sarasota technicians can bring their vast experience with mice infestations to your unique situation, so that they can quickly and effectively eliminate the problem.

If you have noticed signs of mice in your home, contact the professionals at 941-355-9511 for a free home inspection and estimate.