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Mice Exterminator

Mice are more than a nuisance and can be found almost anywhere around the house. Thus, if you’ve been finding chewed holes in your brand-new socks or cereal boxes, or have ripped insulation, you might have a mouse problem! Mice can also pose imminent destruction to the structure of your home and the health of the people living around them. The problem is aggravated by the fact that mice extermination is not only a daunting task but also a health hazard if not handled correctly. This calls for the services of a professional mice exterminator like Critter Control® Sarasota. Our mice exterminators have in-depth knowledge, tools, and equipment for handling and disposing of mice carcasses after extermination.

Why Mice Are Unwanted Houseguests

The presence of mice in the house can pose the following risk factors:

  • Mice infestations subject home dwellers to scratching sounds as they burrow their way through the walls and other structures.
  • They put you and your family at risk of contracting deadly diseases such as Leptospirosis
  • They have a high rate of reproduction, which means more mice and more damage (with an average of 2000 offspring per year)
  • They leave their droppings and urine in the unreachable corners, leaving foul smell
  • They cause continuous alarm tripping when they chew alarm wiring
  • Mice infestation increases utility bills and potential fire outbreak from gnawed electronic appliances, insulation, and air duct pipes
  • Gnawing of walls and other structures to create tunnels

The Experts can Help

At Critter Control® Sarasota, we offer unparalleled service and professionalism in pest control, including mice extermination and mice damage repair. Having been in business for over 30 years, we have the experience to handle pest using non-lethal means while still protecting your home, family, business, and property against pest infestation. We offer free inspection and a written report. For questions, or to schedule your free consultation, call us today at 941-355-9511.