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Rat Exterminator

Rats are a relatively intelligent rodent. They use this intellect to sneak around your home, steal food, create nests in attic insulation, and avoid DIY traps. Do-it-yourself trapsRats for rats do exist, but rats’ natural fear of new objects can make them averse to taking a chance on your bait. Hiring a rat exterminator is the safest option for you to ensure the best removal with the fewest risks.

What are the Risks?

Though it is possible to trap rats yourself using over the counter methods, it is ill-advised given their cunning nature. Allowing your rat problem to fester and grow may result in:

  • Damage to your wood beams and wiring
  • Contaminated attic insulation
  • Spread of germs through mites or rat feces

When ridding your home of rats, the main goal is to remove the rodents as quickly as possible with minimal damage to yourself or your home. Enlisting the help of a professional rat exterminator not only helps you get rid of the unwanted pests safely and efficiently, but it ensures your home is sealed from future entry.

Professional Assistance

At Critter Control® of Sarasota, we offer more than three decades of professional rat exterminator experience. Our humane wildlife management solutions ensure your critters are removed safely, while keeping you and your family healthy. Contact Critter Control at the first sign of rats in your home for a free, no obligation consultation. Call us today at 941-355-9511.