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Rats in the Attic

Why do these little critters love your attic so much? Rats enjoy calm, warm places where they have easy access to food, which makes your attic the ideal home for them. There is plenty for them to chew on plus they have access to your attic insulation which makes great nesting material. Rats can fit through holes the size of a nickel, so it may be hard to tell when they have entered. However, if not dealt with promptly, they can inflict a lot of harm on your home and your family’s health. The damages rats are known to have in your home, particularly your attic, include:

  • Damage to your personal belongings or stored goods
  • Damage to your insulation, increasing your electric bills
  • Frayed wiring from their gnawing, creating a fire hazard
  • Ruined ceiling below your attic and walls due to their urine and feces soaking
  • Exposure to harmful diseases like leptospirosis and rat-bite fever
  • Irritating noises at night

The Four-Step Process

Here at Critter Control® Sarasota, we’ve come up with a proven 4 step process to locate and remove rats from your attic and keep them out for good.

  1. Inspection: After you call for your free consultation, a technician will inspect your home and locate the infestation. They will then determine the size and severity of the outbreak, and the available options to remove it.
  2. Removal: Our technicians will always work with you to come up with the best plan on how to remove all the rats from your attic, making sure the safety of your family and home come first.
  3. Restoration: Once the rats are safely removed, we’ll get to cleaning up after the critters. Any messes they have left behind, we’ll take care of, even if it means having to re-do your attic’s insulation.
  4. Exclusion: Once your attic is back to normal, we’ll do a sweep through your house and make sure to seal up any entry or exit point the rats may have created to ensure you’ll never have an infestation again.

Don’t let rats in your attic destroy your home or put your family at risk. Call Critter Control® Sarasota today to schedule your free consultation.