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Squirrel Exterminator

Squirrels are everywhere in Florida; they feel just as a part of the landscape as the grass and trees. Because they are such a common part of our everyday lives, it is easy not to spare an extra thought for them. Likely, the only time we think about squirrels is when they dash in front of our cars or get a little too close to our tables during a lunch outside. But when they make their way inside of our homes, that’s when they really get our attention.

Squirrel Problems

Squirrels can be pesky rodents even when they aren’t in your house, so when they do make it in, that’s when the real problems start. They are incessant chewers, since they must gnaw on materials to check the rapid growth of their front teeth. For your house, this means that you’ll likely find bite marks on walls, any wooden structural components, and even electrical wiring. Don’t underestimate the amount of chewing damage a couple squirrels can do.

Perhaps even more troubling for homeowners is the presence of squirrel urine and feces in the house. These can give off rather unpleasant smells which can take days or weeks to completely get rid of, and sometimes you will be unable to find or reach the sources of the smell. The long term damage from squirrel excrement is perhaps even worse than the smell. Walls, ceilings, and attic insulation can become soiled by urine and riddled with feces, calling for extensive cleanup and repairs.

Let Us Get Them Out

Squirrel extermination is not as simple as it seems. First, it’s hard to catch the pesky critters, and even if you manage it, Florida Wildlife Regulations restrict what you can actually do with the captured squirrel.

If you have a squirrel problem on your hands, let the experts at Critter Control of Sarasota help. We believe in total pest control solutions, not just one-time fixes. Getting the nuisance pest out of your house is only the start of our services. If we didn’t help you patch up your house, clean up messes, and repair the damage, our pest control methods would be incomplete. We even offer free initial consultations, so there’s nothing to lose! Call us today at 941-355-9511.