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Opossums are strange-looking animals with grey and white fur, elongated snouts, and long hairless tails. You might find one rummaging through your trash or hanging by Opossumits tail from a nearby tree. They are especially drawn to areas with easily accessible food sources like fruit trees, bird feeders, exposed garbage, pet food, or even chicken coops.

How to Get Rid of Opossums

The most effective way to expel opossums from your property is by trapping them. To do this, you will need either a one-door or two-door animal trap and bait. A one-door trap is preferred by trapping experts because it can capture larger critters like opossums and the bait is more secure. Two-door traps perhaps encourage reticent animals that it is safe to take the bait, since they can see a clear exit once in the trap. Either of these traps will produce satisfactory results if they are positioned strategically. For bait, use sweet-smelling fruit or wet pet food to give off attractive scents.

Setting the Trap

Trap placement is the most important aspect of capturing opossums. It needs to be located in a highly trafficked area like near a food source or the animal’s living area. Because they are nocturnal, set traps at night for better results. This will also prevent other critters like squirrels from getting caught in the trap by accident. Once you have caught the opossum, make sure you abide by state regulations on what you can do with captured wildlife.

Why Hire a Professional Service?

Opossums are crafty animals that operate under the cover of night, so an inexperienced trapper often can get frustrated with a lack of results. At Critter Control® of Sarasota, we are the industry leaders in wildlife management and can bring our more than two decades of trapping knowledge to your aid. Our experienced wildlife experts use the most humane and efficient methods to tackle your opossum problem. To schedule your free consultation today, call 941-355-9511.