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Squirrel Control

Do you have squirrels infesting your home or attic? These animals can enter into your home through tiny crevices and build nests quickly, destroying parts of your house in the process. Often, you will not know they are living in your home until their babies are running around. At Critter Control® Sarasota, our team can provide you with the help you need to get these animals out of your home once and for all.

How to Safeguard Your Home

Squirrel control starts with trapping the animals. Since they will not likely take the bait, poison is not the best route. Instead, you’ll need to trap the animals and remove them from the area safely. It is necessary to prevent their entrance back into your home, which can be the hardest part of the process. Squirrels can enter through tiny openings in your roof, siding, or other exterior components. Sealing off your home after removing all the unwanted invaders is the most important step.

How We Can Help You

You don’t have to try to handle this problem on your own. With the help of the trained and licensed experts at Critter Control® Sarasota, you can safely protect your home from the disease and risks that squirrels bring into your home. Allow our professionals to help you safeguard your home from pests like squirrels, and you’ll gain peace of mind. Call us today at 941-355-9511 to schedule your free consultation.