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Mice Control

Mice can get into your house in many ways that you probably didn’t think possible. Their slender body shape allows them to squeeze through cracks and holes in the Mice Control foundation or walls of your house. Once inside and feeling safe, they’ll create their nest and start to reproduce. An adult female mouse can produce up to 40 babies in one year, making them one of the fastest reproducing pests. This makes it imperative to request professional mice control help as soon as you detect a problem.

How to Know if You Have Mice

Some signs of a mice intrusion include:

  • Droppings and urine pools
  • Gnawing marks on wood, food containers, electric wires, and more
  • Odors originating from the attic or walls
  • Scratching, squeaking, or thumping noises in the walls or ceiling
  • Strange or unusual pet behavior
  • Seeing mice

How to Keep Mice Out

Mice are often attracted to homes because they offer a safe haven from predators and the environment. Your house also offers easy access to food and water, which makes it perfect for breeding and feeding pups. To make your home less desirable for mice:

  • Ensure all food containers are sealed
  • Don’t leave out pet food throughout the day
  • Keep trash cans closed inside and outside of your home
  • Clean up spilt food and regularly sweep or mop your floor
  • Regularly check your attic your signs of mice

The Critter Control® Difference

Having mice in your house is a nightmare for most homeowners. On top of everything else they need to do in their day-to-day like, getting rid of unwanted pests is a burden. Call Critter Control® of Sarasota at 941-355-9511 if you think you have mice in your home. We’ll give you a fast, free estimate today and help you develop a mice control plan that will get rid of your unwanted house guests for good.